More Beaching

Aside from our excursions south on the ferry to Ocracoke, and north to the wild horses, we pretty much stayed at home and hung out on our beach.

I won’t bore you with more of the same beach pictures:)

The waves were a constant hit, and I don’t think the Monopoly board has ever had more action. The kite also got a lot of use. I love that I have a husband who loves to fly a kite. Makes for a fun Dad.

We went on a  few long walks as well – at various times of day.

There was a red flag for swimming a few times which meant beach football and baseball was the chosen activity.

One evening, we went for a photo shoot to have our family photos done. I’m very lucky in that we all sort of like posing and getting our pictures taken (at least for a professional photographer). Can’t wait to see the results of those!

On one day the kids got a little beached out and spent the afternoon watching some TV and then I forced them to read a bit too.

Love how Zach and Zandra posed for the the second reading picture!! Sam and Josh also got quickly distracted with the big blanket…

One evening we had a scrumptious lobster dinner.

One day I got so fed up with all their fighting and whining and complaining that I lost it with them, gave them Kraft dinner for lunch (we were all supposed to go out for lunch), told them to be quiet and watch a movie (and not talk to each other so there was no chance of fighting) and Rob and I left and went for a really nice lunch (the perks of the kids being a bit older – we can leave them for a bit, although given their level of irritation with each other, it was a little risky). I felt better when I returned. They were calmer too.

We made several trips to the grocery store. These count as “excursions” as the stuff in there is unbelievable. The selection and different products is truly unreal. We have *maybe* three kinds of Oreos: normal, double stuff and white. Sometimes they bring ones out for a short time at certain stores, but rarely. But Oreos in the US? Oh My! Y’all have ones for Halloween!

We decided Canadians need to use the word “Y’all”. It’s such a good word. But we think you need an accent to use it because we sound a bit funny saying it.

We decided that Americans need to adopt the Canadian “eh”. It’s often made fun of and used in the wrong way, but it is a good word too, eh?

We ploughed through as many episodes of Gilmore Girls that I had brought (wish I brought more) and then started on Friday Night Lights.

We ate lots of ice cream. In bowls. In root beer. On fruit. On breakfast pancakes (that’s what vacations are for, right? Say yes to ice cream for breakfast!)

We ate lots of pie. Key lime pie. Boston Cream pie. Fruit pie. Rob and I had a fight about the fruit pie. The kids find it funny when we fight. We rarely do, so when we do, they all call each other around to observe and give the play by plays of what is happening. It’s never exciting. Often funny (in hindsight of course). We also fought about monopoly and strategy. That was a big family fight though. I sided with Josh. We were against everyone else. It turned into a big life lesson.

Night time – beautiful stars, kids staying up way too late (to the point where the littles were asking to go to bed.) All tucked in, and then Rob and I headed to the hot tub and to watch the stars on our own.

Love this life.

One more day then I promise I’m done. (Sorry, I know it can be a bore, but this blog is my memory keeper too so I try to capture it all for when my memory fails and I want to remember the little details!)


More Beaching — 19 Comments

  1. So not a bore and seriously love being able to see how you and your family have vacationed this year. Honestly on the whole looks like you are having a wonderful time and thank your for sharing with us!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a truly beautiful vacation. Love that beachhouse with the big table and balcony….
    Love all the pics too! Cant wait to see your photoshoot!

    I am soooo confused. I thought you would have been home this weekend and school starting tomorrow! But your blog says one more day so I guess you are getting home Tuesday or Wednesday (phew…I thought it was kinda strange you did not text me and say hi on your long drive home!!!!)

    Have a great last day or two!!!

    Love Tarina

  3. I have enjoyed every post about your vacation – and you can never have too many beach pictures!!!
    I love that y’all decided to adopt the word y’all!!! Maybe I will see if I can add in “eh” today!!!!
    Enjoy the final part of your vacation!!

  4. Loving it! And I love that you got a pro to take photos. Beach photos? ‘Cause pros know so much about sun placement that someone who hasn’t studied just doesn’t always know. It’s a big deal!
    Love this post.

    • Yes, beach photos. I hope they turned out ok. We did them at sunset, but it was super cloudy so couldn’t take advantage of the spectacular colours and lighting that is usual for sunset:( We had our photos done in Dominican Republic a few years ago with a pro and they were amazing (my blog header has a few). I vowed to get them done every few years by a pro (not in a studio too). We are a beach family – so the beach is perfect. How about you do our next set for us in a few years?!?!?

  5. Oh your pictures look so relaxing! I love beach vacations…we didn’t get to take one this year. (We had a mountain vacation instead.) The sound of the water and the sea air lulls me to sleep…I probably sleep more on a beach vacation for a week than I do for a month at home. That sounds ridiculous but I am pretty sure it is true. Maybe we should live at the beach…
    And lobster!
    PS. Interestingly enough, even when my kids are fighting, they get along better when we aren’t there.

  6. After seeing the picture, I wanted to ask, “What’s the title of the book?!” Lol. Cute picture.

    Yes, we Southerners love our “ya’ll”… my cousin is from the northern states and when she came to visit, she would say, “You Guys” for a group of people, such as “Hey, you guys, let’s go.” (This was back when we were young teens.) I looked at her and said, “I’m a GIRL, not a guy!” By the end of staying the summer with us, she was saying, “Ya’ll” and when she went back home, her friends made fun of her using our slang 🙂

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