Our Last Day in the Outer Banks

We are home now, but here’s a wrap up of our last day:

Everyone wanted to wake up early for our last day to watch the sunrise and go for a long walk.

But when 6:15 rolled around, I only had 2 kids who were willing to get out of bed to watch the sunrise, and then quickly head back to bed.

Rob wanted to do the same, but I convinced him to go for a walk with me.

I think early mornings are the best time of day. Peaceful, beautiful, calm. Amazing.

We got everyone moving pretty quickly as we wanted to go back to Jockey’s Ridge before the sun got too hot. Josh was dying to play soccer there – he thought it would be cool.

The kids played some soccer, and then Rob flew his kite. The kids also played some other games before it was just too hot to do anything.

We headed home and spent hours in the waves. They were quite big, but the kids had a blast. I did too. Nothing like playing in the waves with your own kids.

We had a nice siesta in the afternoon to watch some Friday Night Lights (Rob and I fell asleep during it) and then headed out for more ocean time.

After dinner, we had hoped to have a fire on the beach. The winds were pretty strong, so the fire department did not hand out any permits, sadly.

We did have some flying lanterns to light and send on their way.

When I purchased these, I imagined everyone lining up, lighting them, making wishes and sending them on their way. It was perfect and I was so excited.

Turns out, it’s not so easy to do if there is even a slight breeze.

The “perfect lantern lighting moment” was punctuated with some frustration and raising of voices.

Again, luckily my hubby is super patient and persistent and determined.

We figured out that we had to light them in the house, then walk down the stairs to the beach and try to send them on their way. I’m sure we broke every fire code there is – but we got 4 up and going!! It was actually pretty cool. Not the perfect way I anticipated it happening, but it worked and it was fun.

I guess that’s pretty symbolic of life though, right? We envision something, plan it out, anticipate. Then everything goes haywire and you have to make do with what you are given. If you are persisitent, you can still create what you want – but it looks a little different than what you had in your mind. At least that is the story of my life.

Vacation is done. School starts today. Good times ahead. Good times to remember.

Zach said to me the other day, “You know Mom, we are going to have the best memories of our childhood; we do so many cool things.”

Does that just not make every hair-pulling-snappy-yelling mom moment worth it??

So long Outer Banks. Til we meet again!


Our Last Day in the Outer Banks — 18 Comments

  1. Your posts and photos make me want to go back to OBX – so glad your family had such a great time! And what Zach said to you was priceless. Hope all your kiddos have a good first week back to school, Leah!

  2. Seriously, so happy you got to do this and each day looked better then the last to me. Thank you yet again for sharing and just so happy that you had a wonderful vacation at the beach!! 🙂

  3. Life is SO like that!! It’s like what I tell my kids “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” Well, sometimes you do but it doesn’t change anything.
    Love this post. So many great shots! And what your son said to you about childhood memories is pretty much a dream come true. WIN!

  4. Awesome pictures – love the one of you and your husband’s shadows!!!
    And that Zach – yep, makes every single second of packing, planning, washing sandy clothes worth it!!!

  5. Aw, Zach! And it’s so true. My husband gets upset sometimes because we don’t have a lot of money (understatement, really) and he’s worried the kids aren’t having magical childhoods, but they are! It takes attention and love and patience and ambition. We are rich in those things.
    And I love the story of your life. It should be written and printed on bumper stickers, t-shirts, everything!
    Welcome back.

  6. Ok – you need to tell your husband to go read your blog, especially that fabulous birthday party for Scarlet!!! No words can describe the magic there! But it’s interesting, because as Zach and I continued that conversation – what he was referring to was all the little things like you said; he basically named all the fun traditions we have – things that don’t cost a penny. THAT is what makes a childhood. THAT is where I want to continue to put my efforts. And thank you for the sweetest comment ever about the story of my life. It’s all about the story we write, right? xo

  7. Love the quote from Zach. It’s those little things – like the failed lantern lighting – that often make the best memories simply because they brought the family together. Hope the back to school transition went well!

  8. The lanterns are a good life lesson- though I never would have thought of lighting them in the house!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. Love the Outer Banks.

  9. Awww, that comment by your son was the blessing moment to count, just as he will count the vacations as blessings. So cool!

    Never did the lantern thing, but neat looking 🙂 Yes, excellent life lesson…

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