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Rob was feeling a little left out that I have never chosen to highlight a quote that he found, so today, he is the star of the week with our quote of the week!

“Luck is when opportunity meets with preparation.”

He knew I would love this one, as I am all about being prepared and planning and stuff like that. I truly truly believe that so many things in life are better when we are prepared.

We are less anxious.

We are less stressed.

We are more available to take on new challenges.

We are able to take advantage of opportunities. When opportunity knocks, we are ready to answer the door and jump at the chance to do something great!

I know planners are criticized for being boring, and that they can’t ever be spontaneous. There certainly is a fine line. Not everything HAS to be planned. However, I have found that by planning “enough” things in my life, I now have room for the spontaneous, unexpected and unplanned things. Some things I just don’t have to worry about as my plans are in place, which allows me the freedom to use my brain power to think about other things.

And that freedom, is worth so much to me. I am a tried and true planner.





Quote of the Week — 26 Comments

  1. Love this quote and have had it hanging in my office for years now…
    From one planner to another I totally agree, I don’t think we are boring but SMART. And will also live a life with no regrets and in line with our deepest values.


  2. I’m a planner. I have to-do lists and organize the heck out of my life. It’s the only way I can stay sane!!! I agree that some people can get too caught up in planning and plan the fun right out of life. I do believe however that planning does help me take advantage of opportunity because I know that I can take on the challenge.
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…How to Handle The “I Want’s”My Profile

  3. I just love that you all do the quotation of the week! This one is especially fantastic. It’s so easy to think “that person is lucky”…but to forget that there is usually some preparation behind “luck”.
    I’m a planner, too. I think it’s freeing rather than stifling!! –Lisa

    • It drives me crazy when I hear people who talk about “luck” all the time. Luck does exist, however, so much of luck is really WORK!!

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