“Motherhood Realized” is launching!

Despite all the craziness in our lives the past couple of weeks, and the extreme gratitude that we feel, I have some other news that I am excited  about and feeling pretty grateful.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about some of the challenges I had come across being the kind of mother that I am; all these “mother roles” I never had anticipated: a divorced mom, a single mom, an outside the home working mom, then a step mom (and now even a doggie mom:)). Here I found myself in a life that seem unfamiliar to me. I struggled with finding my place, so I took to writing (and started this blog, and started to write things here and there about being a stepmom).

I wrote for an website called “The Power of Moms” about my experience learning to “Expand my Motherhood Role”.

Writing that article was very liberating for me personally, as it felt like it was the acceptance of the kind of mother I am.

I am not a second rate mother because I am divorced (or was single), because I work outside the home, or because I mother my amazing step children (and am not their REAL mother), in addition to my own two boys. I am BLESSED to have the opportunity to expand my motherhood into all these areas.

As woman, we are blessed to be called mothers. Mothers to our children, stepchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbours, students, clients, dogs, cats, fish. We need to expand our motherhood to mother all those who need mothering, and sometimes we need to mother each other.

Well, the Power of Moms (please check them out if you have not done so yet), pulled together the experiences of many mothers and compiled an amazing book entitled “Motherhood Realized”, and I am one of the authors! They launched it last week and they are hoping to get it on the New York Times Best Seller’s list, but I have not been around to do my own little push to get this book moving….(Having your 42 year old husband have a heart attack while on your vacation tends to push everything else aside:)

But here I am! Here is the link to the book. You can preorder it on Amazon. It will make a fantastic book for Mother’s Day, or just because all mothers deserve a wonderful, uplifting, inspirational gift!

You can order it here or here.

Enjoy and thanks for all your love and support!!

If you are feeling all motherly, then please pass the word on to many other mothers out there. I know they would enjoy the book (look at all the reviews on Amazon!!)




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  1. Oh my gosh Leah!!! I’m in total shock because #1 you are in a book and that is beyond amazing and #2 I had no clue your husband had a heart attack!!! I’m assuming all is well and he’s ok!? Congratulations on the book and I’ll be thinking of you as you deal with what had to be a very frightening situation.
    Allie recently posted…Keepin’ It RealMy Profile

  2. So exciting – congratulations! I was so happy to click the link and see that Barnes and Noble carries it – when I get on my Nook in a few minutes I will have to get it!!
    Kim recently posted…Break a LegMy Profile

  3. That’s awesome Leah that your writing will be featured in a book! Sounds like things are looking up after your big health scare with your husband. I hope things are well! I like your idea of mothering/nurturing others. And I believe that (unlike Dr. Laura Schlesinger) mothers can find balance in their lives by working outside the home. I think a happy mom makes for happy kids–and by pursuing meaning and fulfillment in her life through her work enriches her life–not detracts from it. I was a stay-at-home mom for 14 years and I wish I had my college degree or some kind of job so that when I got divorced I wasn’t hustling to get a degree and job.
    Nicole Nenninger recently posted…Moving Past the Pain of Being Rejected by Your FamilyMy Profile

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