Happy Birthday Robbie (and Father’s Day too!)

Today marks 43 years this remarkable man has been alive!


What better day than to celebrate him as a Father too!

I know it’s sort of a rip off having a birthday and Father’s Day on the same day:(

But somehow this year, I’m not sure he cares about that.

43 is not a particularly significant number or year to celebrate.

But to us, it’s the most amazing birthday ever.

Because he’s alive.

And doing great.

I have found over the months it harder and harder to tell Rob’s story from just 3 short months ago when we witnessed the greatest miracle and he was saved from one of the most deadliest kind of heart attacks (as I wrote) about here.

From that doctor who saw him in the first emergency room, to the doctor that performed the life saving procedure, to all the doctors he meets now, they all tell him he is a “very lucky man.”

And he knows it.

We all know it.

And that is why it’s harder to hear and talk about his story now as time passes.

Every time I look at him, talk to him, touch him, listen to him, the thought “I could have lost this man. How would I — how would we— have survived?”, crosses my mind, takes my breath away and chokes me up.

And makes me bow my head in simple gratitude and whisper, “thank you.” Then look at him with adoration that this man is mine.


Ironically, stresses in his life have not really subdued over the past 3 months, they have continued and in other areas increased. Contentions initiated by others and dealing with hostilities and conflict are still in full force. All I can think of is, “fools.” Fools for not knowing how precious life is and engaging in battles which draw people further apart and not together.

Fools in not recognizing that this man was saved by a miracle — for a reason.

What’s the reason?

The world needs this man. He is a great man. I mean, a GREAT man. We are so blessed to have him in our family. As a husband, father, and step father.

He took Josh to the doctor the other day to have his stitches removed. Josh’s wound is/was an icky mess (poor guy had to miss his soccer tournament in NY because of it). It was a replacement doctor, who, when finding out Rob was “only the stepfather”, asked him “how did you get stuck with this job then?” (I’m telling you, Josh’s wound is/was bad!!!)

He got “stuck” with it because that is who Rob is. No greater stepfather has ever existed. He loves unconditionally. Josh is his family. His boy. That’s how he got “stuck ” with it. And he can do this, while having an incredible relationship with Josh’s biological dad too!

For part of his birthday /Father’s Day gift, the kids each wrote what they loved and admired about him. I won’t write out 43 things (and there is way more!) like I usually do, but will share some of them, as I think they are the ones who can vouch for how amazing this man is:

“He is always there for me”

“He helps with homework”

“He knows what we like”

“We can learn from him”

“He knows how to solve family problems”

“He treats his spiritual responsibilities with priority”

“He know how everyone is feeling (he can sense the mood you’re in)”

“He is everything I want to grow up to be”

“He teaches us”

“He plays games and sports with us”

“He’s always there to talk to”

“He wants the best for our family”

“He is loving”

“He is kind”

“He can learn and teach anything”

“He calls me Sam-wee and that’s a great name”

“He’s the smartest person on earth”

“He’s one of the strongest and kindest people I know!”

“He is so creative with his paintings, drawings and Christmas poems”

“He is such an amazing leader for youth and other people”

“He is always there to help out and answer your questions”

“He is the BEST Dad I could ever ask for”

“He is the BEST Dad in the world”

“He is the BEST Step Dad”


I could add a million more things: his compassion, his intelligence, his wisdom, his charity, his humour, his dashing good looks, his commitment, his loyalty, his forgiveness….

He is one in a million. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives in the greatest roles ever, as husband, father, stepfather, and best friend to all.

Happy Birthday Robbie and Happy Father’s Day!

Watch our little home movie to celebrate all things Robbie:

Happy Birthday and Father’s Day




Happy Birthday Robbie (and Father’s Day too!) — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Leah! What a beautiful tribute to your MIRACLE MAN!!!! I still well up when I think about all you two have been through and the amazing undeniable blessing of having Rob be alive.

    What an incredible man you are married to, Leah. He’s here for many many reasons…

    And many more to come. I’m sure of that!
    Chris Carter recently posted…For You, DadMy Profile

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