Monthly Snaps of Life

So it has been a LONG time since I posted our “Monthly Snaps of Life”. These are all the in between moments that make up our real life.

I’m having to go all the way back to summer and include some of the summer camp pictures!! But I don’t want the memories associated with the pictures to be forgotten:

Zach and Gabe went to YM’s camp (much to Gabe’s dismay…it caused a serious ruckus, but he went). Josh went to the “Tools” camp (and yes, that is a giant egg on his head – from a little injury he sustained the night before). Zach went to photography camp. Gabe went to Youth Leadership Conference and LOVED it.

IMG_4316 IMG_4315 IMG_4314 IMG_4297 IMG_4296 IMG_4295 IMG_4307 IMG_4305 IMG_4369 IMG_4383 IMG_4395


Next, Rob and I went to my cousin’s wedding


IMG_4348 IMG_4347


Josh’s team met a special guest (Michael Bradley – TFC)

IMG_4529 IMG_4528 IMG_4523

Zach went to the temple with the youth for the first time


Sam tried out and made rep soccer!


Josh and I had a “wing” date night


Zach did Cross Country this year again (so did Sam, but I don’t have a picture, so here’s one of Sam walking to church instead:)

IMG_4583 IMG_4593 IMG_4595 IMG_4597



We had our traditional conference feast



Lots of Reggie Love

IMG_4929IMG_4462IMG_4453 IMG_4438 IMG_4422 IMG_4394


Zach and Zandra did a couple of photo shoots — One with my Mom and Sis, and one with our good friends and their son (will really need to post separately – so many awesome pictures)


DSC09321 DSC00389 DSC00380


The kids loved goofing around during the photoshoot with our good friends and their little boy

IMG_0741 IMG_0699 IMG_0694 IMG_0684 IMG_0682 IMG_0676 IMG_0598 DSC01166 DSC01154 DSC01134 DSC01124 DSC01079 DSC00883

This is how our family night (Family Home Evening) rolls…everyone looks so happy and interested….


Rob and I had a last minute date attending the David Gray concert: AMAZING!!!

IMG_4570 IMG_4564

Halloween was fun…except we were all scattered. Zach, Zandra and Zach’s bud Caz went out; Josh went out with his two buds; Sam went with his Mom and Gabe went to a party. But, the 3 older kids went to a YM/YW Halloween activity earlier in the week, while I stayed with the little boys and we made cupcakes

IMG_4914 IMG_4911 IMG_4925 IMG_4924 IMG_4923 IMG_4915 IMG_4903 IMG_4895 IMG_4884

That’s a mini catchup (there were over 600 pics on my iPhone to download, so if you think I over posted, be grateful that I didn’t post most:))




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