Robbie’s Christmas Eve Summary of 2014

We are here again cozy in our home
Blessed to be among loved ones and not alone
2014 is a year to remember, from skiing the peaks to a not so cold December
So without further ado
Let me introduce to you the CDF family year in review!

To say it was a start early in the year would be understatement as loud as Christmas cheer
With plans set and planes to catch,
no doubt about it, a long journey and adventure was about to hatch!
With kids going yonder and far beyond.. To Spain California and other places still
Leah and Rob were west bound for a THRILL!!
Arriving a little late for a very important date
The glorious sealing would happen and not a minute too late
Skype with the kids on the side of the hill,
Looked like Robbie was feeling a little ill
No mind no fear lucky 13 would appear
Saved by a miracle Robbie would stay here
It’s a good thing he did for at least three tickets had already been bought for Germany

The first to sixteen, or close enough, to Munich we whisked on an Indian Airbus!
Arrival in Munich, the Glockenspiel did call
And then on to the Bahn M power for all!!
Cool castles and a crazy Swan not on a pond
Then off to Venice just like James Bond!

Europe conquered and homeward bound, soon enough another vacation round

This time afloat in a giant house boat
Captain Rob piloting and making some turns
At the very least the boat didn’t burn!!

Amazing canyons and sites out of this world, we took a picture or maybe a few!
We walked along the ridge and felt the morning dew
A great trip on the water and sadly a floating poo
Lots about a chief and speedy too, laughter under the stars sleeping two by two.

Back from the West a month to go until school takes off not feeling too lo
But not done yet, a trick or two left, Robbie and Meski head south for retirement? But not yet

Down to New York, a weekend of fun
Walk for miles staying in Harlem

Now the outer banks we relax and get refreshed anew
Ready for another … What!?!? I’m not kidding you!
Our March is booked a story for next year too!!

Thanksgiving gone and Turkey eaten,
The CDFs surely were not beaten
Ready for Christmas, without any snow
Gifts all ready and hearts a glow
We are all together and happy to be
The wonderful seven we are so lucky you see
To be blessed by the miracle of this Christmas Eve
So with good cheer and joy in our hearts, we thank God for everything and being allowed to play our parts.



Robbie’s Christmas Eve Summary of 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. beautiful Rob-you are sooo talented to capture it all so well
    Love it! what a year for you all. wow.
    floating poo?????

    Merry Holidays!
    Gosh you guys travel a lot-it is incredible!!!!!!!!!! good for you!!!!

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