Happy 12th Birthday Josh!

My baby turns 12 today.

Even though he’s not the youngest in our family, he’s still my baby. Makes for some unique sibling roles in our family when you have two “oldest children” and two “babies”, yet, in some circumstances, they are middles too…. Hopefully it will just even them all out!

Josh turns 12 today! Turning into a young man. How is that possible?! Over the past several months, we have had a lot of alone time together as we drive to different events (mainly soccer at various parts of the city). As much as I complain about the distance and locations, I will never complain about the chance to drive with him. I love how our conversations leave me with the feeling of how innocent he still is, to how grown up he is. Some questions make me smile with their purity and others make me shake my head (in a good way) with his wisdom.

12 is a transition year. In our church, it’s a big year as he transitions from being with the little kids (which I LOVE how he never complained about being the oldest, he simply took on the role of being a leader and loved helping out with the little guys, or teaching them or just doing things to make them laugh) to being with the youth (12-18). Special times, with lots of growth, responsibility and fun ahead!

12 things I love about Josh (in no particular order)

1) His passion! He is such a passionate person. It can get him in trouble, but as he learns to channel it well, watch out!


2) What a good teacher he can be! Like I said above, he is so good with little kids. But he’s good with me too! He has memorized “his” poem “Invictus” (which I talked about here) and has spent weeks patiently teaching and helping me memorize it!

3) His love of his doggy. Boy, he and Reggie are kindred spirits. Josh is seriously in love with our dog!

DSC01290 DSC01301 DSC01294

4) His love and appreciation of candy and desserts. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy them so much! His appreciation for dry cereal too. Mini wheats in particular!



5) His hilariousness. He can crack us up, make us smile, and truly has allowed us to create some of the funniest memories!

6) His athletic abilities. Not only in soccer, but his willingness to play all sports and his desire to get good at them! He works hard at it and will spend hours trying to improve.

7) The sensitive side of him. The tears that well up during sad movies, the thought that goes into little gifts for me, the words in his cards. Love. Love. Love.

8) The kind hearted brother that we catch glimpses of… When he picks up a treat for his bro, or gives some soccer advice, or hugs and gets hugged by his sister. It’s there. Under that competitive spirit, it’s there:)

9) The hard worker that comes out when it’s time to get serious with school. He will set a goal and work towards it. He will be devastated with a bad mark and work to change it. He can sit for hours to get a project done. Great effort.

10) His growing independence. I love how he gets up and off early for school practices on his own, no complaints and no pushing needed. Out the door – and I have to catch him for a kiss and hug!

11) Such a confidence in who he is. He is himself. Doesn’t worry about what others think. He does his own thing. He likes what he likes, and is not ashamed of it.

DSC01275 DSC01283

12) His willingness to hug and snuggle especially during movie time! Love the special spot he make for us with blankets and pillows:)

Happy Birthday my dear Josh. May you enjoy this year and continue to reach your potential!! You are so so so loved. Always. And more.


All my love and I certainly love you more,



Happy 12th Birthday Josh! — 8 Comments

  1. ok is that a cake???? or a big stack of M&M’s?? yummy!!!
    Love the pics and blog!!!
    check your messages at home Josh. Happy bday to a great guy.
    the gusset family

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