The boost from service

Gabe attended a great youth conference this weekend hosted by our church. It was for 16-17 year olds only this time.

The focus was on service. The LDS youth theme worldwide this year is all about service. What a great theme for teenagers! (And adults too!) Helps them get a little bit out of their comfort zones and learn early how important it is to serve and the joy it brings!

They had 4 different projects running that the kids could choose to participate in. Gabe chose to work on an art project for a nearby women’s shelter. They also had several workshops they each attended with the theme of serving others. Of course, there was lots of time
to socialize and exchange numbers with pretty girls too:)

Gabe had a great time and really came back with such a positive energy. Serving others is really the best way to get a boost in your life.

Here’s a great video they made. Check him out at 2:08 and 3:28 — the last shot. He’s the cutie in the blue shirt…


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