Cape Peninsula Tour Day

It was heavenly to sleep in until 8am! We were all completely exhausted so needed a longer sleep. We all said we woke up around 5 am – to a big rain storm, which I was worried would threaten our plans, but by the time 9am rolled around, the sky was beautiful!

We met our guide, Conroy and he drove us around for the day. It was nice for Rob to have a break in driving and be the passenger and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. He asks a lot a questions too so it gets our guide talking about all the little things, which makes it so much more interesting.

The drive out from Cape Town along the coast to Cape of Good Hope is amazing. Up there with other amazing drives for sure: California coast (Big Sur area), French Riviera, Amalfi coast.

DSC02805 DSC02798 DSC02791 DSC02814

Our first stop was at Hout Bay at this amazing look out.

What was amazing, was who was there: Back in London, we had been sitting at a wrong gate and started chatting to these 2 couples that we found out were from Kingston, Ontario (about a 3 hour drive form us; where Rob had attended his undergrad at Queens’ University). One of man’s name was Reg – and he reminded me so much of my Uncle Tom. He was very friendly, and funnily enough we all realized we were on the next flight together to Johannesburg, but were at the wrong gate! We headed over to the right gate, but never saw them again.

When we arrived at our guest house in Johannesburg, there they were! We had a great time talking with them, comparing itineraries, exchanging stories. Lovely, lovely people. Rob got Reg’s (I kept on calling him Reggie:)) email and we said we would exchange stories after our trip. They were flying out the next day to Port Elizabeth and making their way to Cape Town the week after (followed by Botswana). We of course headed off to the Greater Kruger area.

Well lo and behold, who did we bump into at the look out of Hout Bay? Them! It was like a grand reunion!! Hugs all around and we got to share some stories. It was awesome! I love how connected you can be to people you just met. What a small, beautiful world!

DSC02801 DSC02796 DSC02787 DSC02786 DSC02785 DSC02781

We continued our drive and our guide shared some history, and even took us into a township. It actually is quite sad; there is still such a division of the rich and the poor.

DSC02829 DSC02828 DSC02827 DSC02826 DSC02819

We headed up to Cape of Good Hope (which is supposed to be the most southern tip of Africa where the Atlantic meets the Indian ocean – but it’s not – there is a tip more southern about 3 hours away). Nonetheless, it was just gorgeous. We hiked up onto the rocks a little bit for views, but then drove up to the lighthouse. There we walked up the many steps to the lighthouse and the views were stunning! (I know I’m overdoing with pictures…)

DSC02836 DSC02899 DSC02894 DSC02890 DSC02888 DSC02886 DSC02885 DSC02884 DSC02881 DSC02878 DSC02876 DSC02871 DSC02870 DSC02864 DSC02863 DSC02862 DSC02861 DSC02860 DSC02857 DSC02853 DSC02840 DSC02939 DSC02934 DSC02931 DSC02915 DSC02911 DSC02909 DSC02907 DSC02906 DSC02904DSC02902IMG_3393




IMG_3384 IMG_3381 IMG_3376 IMG_3375 IMG_3373

We continued along our way, stopping for what the kids were most excited for: Boulder Beach with the African penguins. Pretty cool.

IMG_3408 IMG_3431 IMG_3419 IMG_3418 IMG_3417DSC02982 DSC02971 DSC02966 DSC02989 DSC02985

Lunch was in the town just outside where the penguins were, called Simon’s town. We were not blown away by the food unfortunately, but the town was very cute.

IMG_5323 IMG_5321 IMG_5319 IMG_5316

We continued along the windy road back up the other side, and then drove into Cape Town where he showed us the city hall, shopping areas and some other interesting buildings. If we had more energy, we might have walked around, but all we wanted to do was head back to our little apartment.


We decided to just stay put for the evening. The kids hung by the pool and swung on the hammocks. They then played some cards and I finally finished book #2 on this trip!

I made everyone come out on the balcony and watch the incredible sunset. Zandra had said to me on the trip, “you really do love your skies”; I really do. They just make me feel good and marvel at the beauty of the earth.



DSC03017 DSC03014

(This may look like a real baboon, but it’s just one that Josh bought!^^)

We had grilled cheese for dinner with ice-cream for dessert and had one of those meals where so many funny things were happening and we were just laughing and laughing. It was a “thin meal” , really.

You know you have run your kids ragged, when they all voluntarily, by 9 pm say they are going to bed. Rob and I headed to bed as well.

The time is slipping away. I wish I could stop time….



Cape Peninsula Tour Day — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there
    Just loved your pictures of your trip. Ivan and I are the other couple you met with Reg and Val.
    it was fun meeting so many times wasn’t it.
    would you mind if I used bits of your photos for reference.
    I paint watercolours and am starting an Africa trend. We didn’t get to the townships so much! Sad but colourful.
    hope to see you all when you come to Kingston.

    • So nice to hear from you! It was such an awesome part of the world, wasn’t it? Please, go ahead and use any photos ! I took some and Zach (our 13 year old ) took a lot of them too! It would be great to meet up in Kingston and hear all about your trip!xo

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