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Life has been a little crazy around here, but I wanted to get things back on track with our quote of the week. 

We have had such an outpouring of support for my sister Sarah and her situation and I can’t thank everyone enough. Rob and I drove to Montreal yesterday to be interviewed, along with my Mom and sister, by CBC news about her story. Hopefully it will air next week and we will get some kind of resolution. Will keep you posted! 

On Rob’s side, we are experiencing some intense things as well, with his Mom having broken her hip and trying to recover, but all in the midst of this crazy, stressful, ongoing legal battle with his siblings (he’s not involved, but is caught in the middle –). Crazy, I tell you. Just crazy. And super sad. I’m not quite sure how family has been so lost.

The only good thing out of it is my kids are learning a lot about life, decisions, responsibility, loyalty, hard work, family  and relationships. They have been really great supprts, rallying together to help out and trying to support the dramas on both sides of our families. 

In the midst of all this, I still think there is room for a little gratitude. Rob and I have had lots of time and opportunities to evaluate the situations on both sides, discuss what we can help with, and what is beyond our control. Discuss the decisions we have made and choose to make, discuss the boundaries we must put in place, especially in light of Rob’s heart attack last year…. 

It’s extremely ironic, in my eyes, how shortly after Rob’s heart attack was when full on war broke out on his side of the family. I guess it didn’t impact them enough, but it certainly impacted us. Which is why, when I saw this quote, I thought it was meant for me. Before feeling down and discouraged by the chaos, I need to choose gratitude:
And I found another reason to be grateful: gorgeous boys who steal my phone in church:


Or just on a random day: 


Love these boys even though they are also driving me crazy!!! 


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  1. Hope that y’all are starting to get some resolution and positive help with your sister’s situation. Sorry that there are also issues on Rob’s side of the family.
    Great pictures of the boys!!
    Kim recently posted…Too Many Rewards?My Profile

  2. Those photos from church are fantastic!
    So sorry to hear about family troubles. I don’t get it either even though we’re thick in it. I have a family member who is deeply disturbed and it’s causing a lot of stress and strife right now. (not in my little family of four, of course)
    Tamara recently posted…Who Was My First Crush?My Profile

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