Happy Mother’s Day

From Johannesburg to Nags Head, from Italy to the canyons of the West, to the shores of down under and all in between

You have been such a wonderful mother to our children, the best the world has seen,

With style and aplomb of an expert in her field, you never bat an eye at what our days will yield

To say you have a heart the largest we have seen would only impart the smallest of our feeling

To be a husband of a woman so strong, divine in nature in the world and its throng leaves me breathless at morn and as we settle for bed

I am the luckiest man alive to have thee wed

So on this Mother’s Day, where the world didn’t’ seem to want to stop, I hope we can make you feel that it all matters not

It is you that forms our world and brings us joy so full, it is you that shows us how and where the best things are to do!!

Our travel bug Meski, the mom that never quits, the mom that brings us to the world at 6 (media Meski!!), the one we love so dear.

I love you so much.







Happy Mother’s Day — 6 Comments

    • What a beautiful comment to read —-Thank you! You totally made my year:) Hope your day was amazing and those darling kids of yours spoiled you like crazy!

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