One day we will miss this 

We are pretty much chauffeurs these days. Every single night we have at least 2-3 events happening, and often more. Thank goodness for car pools and kids who are starting to take the subway! 

It actually is a little overwhelming and I crave a night with nothing, when all our kids are home and we can watch a movie.

But for now, we are just blowing kisses as we pass each other on our way out the door.

Rob sent me this text yesterday which puts things into perspective:

And then just for laughs, this is what Josh looked like after church on Sunday:

How can I not love this stage of life? 


One day we will miss this  — 4 Comments

  1. I absolutely love that he sent that photo to you! It’s so, so true and I have to remind myself of that sometimes 🙂 I read somewhere once that having a lot of laundry to do means you’re surrounding by people you love who depend on you. I try to think about that when I’m buried under the dirty laundry of two boys and one man! But, it’s so true – someday we will miss all the crazy. Thank you for sharing this.
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