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While YLC was happening, Josh was attending the young men’s camp for 12-13 year olds only this year for our region. They joined several regions, and had the camp in Ottawa. I wasn’t able to see him off as I had already left for YLC, but Rob got a couple of snaps.

IMG_6568 IMG_6566

I did get to pick him up, but forgot to take any picturesL He had a fantastic week. He had an incredible leader, Dan, who has been running the camp for a few years so both Zach and Gabe had also gone to camp with Dan – and just loved him (he also goes to the young women camp – so Zandra is a Dan fan tooJ)

Josh knew no one who was going to the camp initially (except for Dan), but ended up friends will all 10 boys from our area who went and met a whole bunch more from other areas (Montreal, Ottawa).

We heard lots of great stories about his adventures and the yummy food. When I went to help him unpack, I noticed that all his clothes were still in the ziplocs I had put them in (in case of rain). Turns out, he never changed. Ew. Boys…. I felt better when I heard from another Mom that her boys never changed either!

Smores night (pic from Dan):



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