Exploring Madrid and a lot more soccer….

On Wednesday, the boys were heading back to the Real Madrid training center to train some more, and a bunch of parents went into Madrid to tour around. I had a great guidebook, so once we got there (after a bit of a crazy time with sitting on a train that wasn’t moving, getting off to find another train that left, back to the original one that left too, then finally finding another one!!) we just explored following the suggested route.

We went to Puerto del Sol, back to the Mercado San Miguel market, off to a little church – that smelled like lemon cookies:)

DSC05398 DSC05401 DSC05405 DSC05408 DSC05411 DSC05412 DSC05416 DSC05420

My guidebook told us about this little unmarked door leading to a convent bakery – where you walked into this corridor and into a little room where there was a big wooden turnstile, you spoke through the turnstile (you couldn’t see the nun) and told her what you wanted, then put the money down, turned the turnstile, then turned it back to received your cookies! Of course, they were lemon (that was the smell)!

DSC05423 DSC05425 DSC05430 DSC05433

We continued on and went to the courtyard of the Royal Palace, and then toured the modern, but beautiful cathedral. We passed the Theatre and wandered through some more streets and squares.

DSC05436 DSC05442 DSC05450 DSC05451 DSC05452 DSC05456 DSC05459 DSC05461

We made out way to the top of a department store that was known to have a gourmet market/restaurant area with fabulous views.

DSC05464 DSC05465

It was really nice! We headed back to the hotel via the train (which we got right this time) and found the boys in their forced “study hall” supervised by coach Marko. They studied until it was time for us to leave for their second game.


They also tied their second game – it was tough competition!

DSC05467 DSC05495 DSC05502 DSC05503 DSC05504 DSC05506 DSC05507 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05536

After the game, we headed on for more soccer except we went to the stadium to watch Atletico play. They won and the boys loved being up in the stands cheering them on with all the Spanish fans.

DSC05539 DSC05540 DSC05541

Josh loved his ham (prosciutto) sandwich – had two of them at the game as he was starving after playing.


DSC05545 DSC05548

It was a super late night and everyone was completely exhausted, but another great day.


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