Training, Game #1 and the Prado

The next morning the boys went to training again at the Atletico training complex. Christine (the goalie’s Mom —  I have known her for a few years since our boys have played on the same teams for 4 years —- but I loved getting to know her so much more in depth. Love her!) and I headed out to spend the morning at the Prado museum. We took the train in, and had a great time wandering according to my book’s guide. We also walked through the botanical gardens:

IMG_7400 IMG_7399

I LOVE European train stations!

DSC04913 DSC04914 DSC04915 DSC04917

We made our way to a little local restaurant for lunch, but without knowing Spanish, ended up with a cheese sandwich and potato omelet sandwich! We headed back to the hotel where the boys were resting up and then we headed out to their first game.

I know there are a lot of soccer pics, but I sat through a lot of soccer – so this is nothing!! They ended up tieing 2-2. It was neat to head out to the suburbs to see their soccer fields.

DSC04919 DSC04921 DSC04922 DSC04928 DSC04932 DSC04946 DSC04950 DSC04951 DSC04961 DSC04962 DSC04963 DSC04970 DSC04971 DSC04972 DSC04984 DSC05017 DSC05032 DSC05033 DSC05034 DSC05036 DSC05037

Love the intensity in Josh’s face in this one^^^ I can’t believe how grabby he is too! Everything happens so quickly in real life that I don’t really notice – but when I saw these shots, I was surprised!


DSC05048 DSC05049 DSC05061 DSC05063 DSC05081 DSC05088 DSC05097 DSC05100

Not very happy that they tied:( He plays to win! ^^^


We had a nice dinner at the hotel and headed to bed, completely exhausted, but a great day!


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