The boys finally see Madrid…

On Thursday we took a group tour into Madrid. It was mediocre at best – but the boys saw some sights: Plaza Espagne, the Royal Palace, Puerto Del Sol.

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Of course the highlight for them was the Futbol Mania store where they all pretty much went crazy! We then branched off and found some Calamari Sandwiches from a place recommended by my trusty guidebook, and then went to the Mercado San Miguel again! The boys found some pasta there too – good right before another game.

DSC05586 DSC05588

We tried to go to the nun cookie shop again, but it was closedL but we took the boys to the famous churros place (the same one we visited the other night) and they snuck some in (as they were not allowed any sweets as they had a big game coming up).

DSC05589 DSC05593 DSC05597 DSC05599

We headed back to the meeting point and loaded the boys on the bus while Christine and I tried to squeeze in some souvenir shopping. We found the popular Primark store and bought for our families and then took the train back to the hotel. We went back on the bus and headed to the game. Because there were two games, and our boys were playing the later game, Christine and I wandered the streets in the suburbs a bit and found some teenagers who directed us to a mall that was about a 30 min walk. So, we walked! And shopped, but found nothing, and came back to the game with bananas and chips and guacamole!


They boys played well against the backdrop of an incredible sunset, but ended up losing all the same (apparently this team is one of the top teams in Spain).

DSC05619 DSC05623 DSC05633 DSC05637 DSC05646 DSC05651 DSC05654 DSC05655 DSC05656 DSC05657

Josh also ended up hurting his hamstring and had to come off in the second half. Poor guy:( but on the bus ride home, he was willing to forgo the back of the bus friend’s extravaganza and sit with me while we iced it.


They had some pasta for the boys at the hotel and we all sort of snacked and we then headed to bed. Most of our group was pretty tame. A few nights were spent in the lobby bar, a few Dads went and joined the Girl’s team parents who partied it up every night in Madrid (clubs only open at 2am… I don’t know how they did it!)

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