Monthly Snaps of Life

Here’s a few of my iPhone pics since January. I really need to up my game to get a better variety!

The kids had a school semi formal that they went to:


A few of Zandra’s friends got ready at our place:


The kids also went to a youth regional church dance. Zach brought his best bud from school too:


Church poses (don’t worry, this wasn’t during the actual meeting):

IMG_7990 IMG_7992 IMG_7996IMG_7993 IMG_7988 IMG_7987 IMG_7986 IMG_7995 IMG_7994

Found this gem: I love this pic. Zach was reaching out to touch Baby Josh. Seconds after I took this photo, Zach tried to roll Josh off the bed! lol:


Valentine’s traditional meal and yearly photo book review:

IMG_8048IMG_8051 IMG_8050 IMG_8052

Annual auto show the boys went to with Rob:

IMG_8085 IMG_8087IMG_8086

Zandra and I did our lunch/movie date while the boys went to the auto show. We saw Brooklyn:


Rob and I went with some friends to see Blue Rodeo at Massey Hall:

IMG_8067 IMG_8075IMG_8070 IMG_8076 IMG_8073

Reggie stayed overnight with our neighbour while Rob and I went on our traditional overnight Valentine date (which I have no pics of – but we stayed at the Cosmopolitan and had an awesome meal at Ki). Reg saw a squirrel, went to chase him and then head planted in the mud!


My Mom sent me some pics of my Dad when he was on his mission in Tahiti in the 50’s. Gosh I hope one of my boys ends up serving in Tahiti like their Grandpa! How cool would that be?

IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8107

Cuddling with my Reggie:


Zach was shaving for the first time and I wanted a picture. You can see how open he was to me taking his pic!:

IMG_8034 IMG_8033 IMG_8032 IMG_8035

More church lovin’:

IMG_8047 IMG_8046

Gotta love Sam:


Couldn’t resist another one:


The kids had a youth activity learning how to make bread. Can you tell they were thrilled? Zach got to make the demo bread though:

IMG_8088 IMG_8091 IMG_8097 IMG_8100IMG_8110

Josh has had to change clothes a few times in the car to get to and from soccer!:

IMG_8082 IMG_8083IMG_8116 IMG_8119

So happy I got to capture Gabe opening his first University acceptance letter!

IMG_8127 IMG_8129 IMG_8128

Love this little guy:

IMG_8138 IMG_8145

I got my hearing aid. Check out how invisible it is!


More Reggie loving:


Gee, are you on your phone, Zach?


Please let me out to chase squirrels!


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