Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck was definitely in our plans, as that is where Granny spent her early years.

We decided at the last minute that rather than take the train, as originally planned, we rented a car. We felt this would give us more freedom.

Boy, I’m glad we did.

We arrived in Lübeck (after taking a few detours off the highway, so got a nice flavour of the surrounding area) and were taken right away by its small town, German charm.

We made our way to the Niederegger cafe (I talked about the story in my last post here) and ordered brunch (which was awesome) followed up by a bunch of cakes (with the famous Lübeck marzipan). The waitress asked the kids if they wanted a “cold chocolate drink”, and of course, they said sure. It ended up being a full on chocolate ice cream/whipped cream dessert! We laughed, as everyone was so full!

DSC06596 DSC06597 DSC06594DSC06598 DSC06611 DSC06614IMG_8030 IMG_8034 IMG_8036 IMG_8037


We wandered the old town, stopping at St. Mary’s church:

DSC06628 DSC06623 DSC06624

We went to the Holstentor:



We chuckled at how Zach can’t take the sun, so had to put his shades on!

DSC06652 DSC06651 DSC06654

Then we climbed St. Peter’s tower and got some great views:

DSC06663 DSC06664 DSC06665 DSC06668 DSC06669

IMG_9029 IMG_9027

The streets are just so cute:

DSC06656DSC06587IMG_7642IMG_9013 IMG_9015 IMG_9019DSC06636 DSC06655 DSC06660 DSC06658 DSC06661IMG_9057 IMG_9018

We did a little marzipan shopping, then decided to search out Granny’s old school. It was easy to find, right across from the hospital (I talked about it yesterday too:))

DSC06686 DSC06693 DSC06697 DSC06699DSC06700 DSC06694IMG_8078

The hospital:


We then headed out of the city, and made our way to Travemunde beach. I don’t know if Granny ever specifically went there, but the little rented beach chairs were the same ones in pictures we have of her going to the beach on the Baltic sea when she was young. She records going to other resorts in the area with her father’s family too. So, if not the same beach, then something similar.

IMG_7652 IMG_7653 IMG_7655

It was a cute beach, and we walked down to the water.

DSC06710 DSC06712 DSC06714 DSC06716 DSC06722DSC06718 DSC06719

One of the first places Granny lived was a place called Falkenhusen, which they moved to in 1914 and Granny reported everyone loving it there. They were there until 1926 when they were forced to leave. Granny told of stories of living on the farm, the nearby forest and going to school in a neighbouring village. So, we set out, using goggle maps, and think we found it (any of my family had been there but I didn’t have directions – just knew that it was outside the city). If it wasn’t the right one, well, it fit the descriptions well enough for me:)

I felt quite emotional thinking of her as we drove through the forest. I was reading some parts of the book aloud and my voice quivered a bit, and Zach immediately asked why I was crying. “Not sad tears”, I told him. But tears of missing, familiarity, nostalgia, and love and appreciation for the family I was born into and the example of an incredible woman I had in my grandmother. I was humbled by the privilege to be walking those streets and seeing the same sights, and felt the warmth that I always felt and could hear her voice calling me “sweetheart, darling” in her German accent, and nodding her head, “Ja”.

DSC06725 DSC06726 DSC06730 DSC06733 DSC06735

We drove home and got back early enough to spend some time in Hamburg. We headed to the beautiful city hall, and then wandered around a bit.


IMG_7665 IMG_7666 IMG_7671


IMG_7672DSC06755 DSC06753 DSC06759

We also made our way to the beautiful St. Michaels’ church ( 2 minutes from our hotel) and climbed the tower.


DSC06767 DSC06769 DSC06768 DSC06766IMG_9033IMG_9036 IMG_9037 IMG_9039

We grossed the kids out:

IMG_9041 IMG_9042

And then we were super goofy in the cool elevator:

IMG_9043 IMG_9044 IMG_9045  IMG_9047 IMG_9048 IMG_9049 IMG_9050  IMG_9052 IMG_9053 IMG_9054

It was our anniversary, so the kids offered to grab a quick meal on their own (truthfully, they just wanted McDonalds and Zach wanted to go back to watch soccer), so they did.

Rob and I wanted to go to a fish restaurant we had read about, but it was closed:( We ended up at a mediocre restaurant, but in a nice setting, and debriefed over our time in Hamburg and Lübeck. Rob patiently listened to all the family history I knew, and the memories I had.

We headed back completely zonked again, and got our bags ready for the next adventure… Berlin.



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