Chicago Getaway – Part 1

We decided since we didn’t have a full week to take off this summer, that we would take a long weekend and head to Chicago.

It has been a city on my list for a long time.

I found this great apartment just outside the main city in a place called Roscoe Village. I did a bit of research and booked a couple of tours and printed off some self guided tours too, and off we went! We left early Thursday morning to make the 8.5 hour drive.


Leaving Toronto ^^^


Whenever we do road trips, there’s usually a lot of sleeping at the beginning, followed by some movies. We also play our traditional “trivia” game, where the kids can earn candies by answering trivia questions – mainly about our past travel. Zach had his travel journal this time, so he used it as a reference guide. It’s a fun way of keeping some of our travel memories alive!

We gained an hour because of the time change, and checked into our super cute apartment. Everyone was pretty hungry, so we made our way out to try some of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. It was super filling and we had over ordered by a whole pizza!

IMG_9750 IMG_9749 IMG_9748

It’s the background that makes these pics…^^^



We decided to take the car and head to North Avenue Beach. We parked near Lincoln park and wandered through the park and then made our way to the beach. Such a pretty area!

IMG_9760 IMG_9762

IMG_9792 IMG_9806 IMG_9796 IMG_9794

DSC07440 DSC07447

DSC07446 DSC07449 IMG_9799 IMG_9800 IMG_9801 DSC07452 DSC07457 IMG_9805 DSC07459 DSC07461

We picked up a few groceries and then headed back and crashed for the evening.


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