Gearing up for Christmas

It was reallllllyyyy hard this year to find the time to get ready for Christmas.

But, I really didn’t want to miss out on our usual routine of walking in our Santa hats with the wagon to buy our tree at the “tree farm” that sets up at a local church on the corner….

After they tortured poor Reggie, we headed off:

And found our awesome tree:

And I’m so happy the big boys can help with set up:

We had to wait for the next day to decorate though.

While we waited for everyone to get home to decorate, Zandra got Reggie dressed up, and I divided all the ornaments into everyone’s own piles (each year I buy everyone their own ornament (or 2 or 3). So when they head out on their own, they will have ornaments to take with them! )

Then the fun began:

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I totally forgot to get my pic of all the kids in front of the tree… so we’ll will have to wait until everyone is home again and  we are all just sitting around looking at our pretty tree (ha).

The next day, a few of my ornaments were adorned with little “orange pieces of paper”

What are those little orange pieces of paper you might ask? Well, they have the name “Zach” on them… he is “calling” these decorations/ornaments when I DIE!!!! Oh my. The ones he selected so far are the ones that I bought this past summer in Germany with Zach and Zandra on their 15 trip. They are meaningful, but they are still MINE (for a long while…)


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  1. Oh Reggie, in your Christmas outfit, so adorable Can’t wait till I see you all! and the ornaments and the tree all decorated. I love Christmas and my family. Counting down the days for sure!

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