Josh hits Florida 

While we were starting to welcome winter, and heading to Montreal to celebrate Auntie Di’s birthday, Josh was heading to Florida for a soccer tournament.

His dad got to go with him this time, as I had been with him on the last trip in Spain last year. 

This was a big tournament (ESPN Disney) though, so I was still sad to miss.

Luckily one of the Mom’s, who is also our great team manager, took a ton of pictures and live streamed the games! I was able to catch bits and pieces of them, and sadly saw the devastation they had when they lost in the last minute of the semi finals:( 

I can’t really document what’s happening in all the pics, but still loved  seeing my little guy in them! He was a zombie for about 4 days after, but finally he started sharing some stories and it sounds like he had a blast!

On their way: 

They couldn’t find a field to practice on so apparently snuck into one: 

Dinner time: 

And lots of soccer: 

Looks like they had some fun too:

And then he came home and crashed:

Awesome trip! Awesome team!


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