Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is my children’s most favourite day of the year.


This was one of the first conversations I had in the morning while snuggling with my teenager(s)  (thanks to Rob for forcing the boys to get up early on Mother’s Day), I asked him what his friends were doing with their mothers today?

Him: “I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal”

Me: “Well, we (mothers) did give you life”

Him: “I know, that’s why we talk to you sometimes.”

What a beauty.(I know some people have been appalled at that exchange, but given the mouth it came from, it’s meant in good humour).

I still liked snuggling with them.

We had a pretty nice day, including a breakfast of my choosing and some nice gifts:

We headed to church (don’t worry,he hams up the face too) :

We then came home for our traditional bike ride down the trail and ended up in the same park we go to every year. Boy that area is sure building up:

Some fun at the park: 

Afterwards, I got to just chill, relax, read and nap, got some nice texts from the kids and facetimed Gabe. Reggie was exhausted by the day’s events:

We then had our traditional Mother’s Day meal (traditions are really so handy because you don’t have to think about everything all the time)!

It really was a lovely day. 

So happy to be a Mom and stepmom to my amazing crew. 

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