Quote of the week 

This week we were talking about failure.

Not all failure is bad. In fact, failure can be good.

Of course, we talked about what kind of failure is good.

Failure that comes from not trying, not putting effort in, not taking responsibility, not showing up, sitting back and letting things slide… that’s NOT the failure we’re talking about. That’s not a good kind of failure, and not the kind that will  help you grow.

Failure as a result of putting effort in (but still not having success), trying new things (but not doing well), taking smart risks (but falling flat on your face)… this is the GOOD failure. 

That is the kind of failure where you can learn and grow. Getting out of your comfort zone could result in failure – but it’s a great failure! You tried something new, you pushed yourself, you learned valuable lessons. 

I love the second quote that a work colleague told Rob his mother used to teach him: success is built on the pillars of failure.

How many success stories have you  heard that DON’T include some failure? Often multiple failures! Or big failures! Not many. Because we are bound to fail if we are aiming to succeed. We are bound to fall while learning to walk.  If we anticipate the failure, maybe it won’t be so scary anymore. 

We told the kids to aim to have great successes, but expect a lot of failure too. And welcome that failure. Embrace it. Learn from it. Don’t fear it. After all, it shows you are on the right track. 

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