Father’s Day 

Poor Rob. Having birthday and Father’s Day so close together is not as fun.

We try to separate the two: celebrating the birth and life of Rob; and then celebrating the father and stepfather Rob is. 

Not hard to do because he seriously rocks at everything! 

Rob is a patient, kind, loving, super smart, funny, compassionate, and a great looking guy! He will always put both me and the kids first, ahead of any of his own needs. He is often found driving people around or picking them up – at all hours! He is the go to guy for any school projects or work, and pretty much knows everything. If he doesn’t, he quickly becomes an expert on it. All that, and one of the most humble guys I’ve ever known.

He serves at our church as the leader of the young men, and he is constantly trying to find ways to teach them, inspire them, and have fun with them. He dedicates a lot of time to all this volunteer work and is always concerned for their well being. 

At work, he is so respected and admired for his smarts, hard work, integrity and relationship skills. So it’s not just us who love him! 

For our family, he not only is a Dad, but he’s a Stepdad. Many people don’t understand how challenging a step role can be and he does it so amazingly well. Even Zach and Josh’s Dad will sing Rob’s praises. The boys really feel they are loved by two Dads- how amazing is that? 

Rob also has the spiritual strength, hard work ethic and character filled with integrity that I know is what holds us all together. He calms the storm, finds the light, listens to understand and focuses on the important. He is a cheerleader, a guide, a negotiator and protector. He teaches gratitude and gives us all unconditional love.

Need I go on? You get the picture. We are blessed. Very very much.

Father’s Day is pretty fun because we have some traditions which include going to walk around the outdoor exotic car show. Rob missed having Gabe around this year though because he’s the biggest car lover out of the boys.

We had a good time; followed by a low key afternoon and then a nice dinner.
Here are some moments I captured: 

Father’s Day brunch after church (we decided we’d do a sleep in this year!):

The outdoor car show: 

Happy Father’s Day Robbie McHottie! 

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