Happy Birthday Robbie! 

Getting older can be such a drag. I know, we are only mid 40’s and that IS still young; but you feel it with how your body changes and how you feel emotionally and mentally. Just slight changes, but they are there.

However, having a heart attack in your early 40’s gives life a very new and very real perspective. While initially everyone always asked how Rob was doing after his heart attack, like most things, it fades in the past and people eventually forget. It becomes a minor thing you endured. Which is the way it should be to others.

But, not to Rob. It’s always there. It’s always a memory that can be pulled up instantaneously. Something that affected him to the very core. Not in a frightened, anxiety, fear driven way that it was initially, but almost in a reverent way. What blessing it has become in many ways. How grateful he is to be alive!  Every time he sets out for a run, no matter how tired he is, or doesn’t feel like running, he is so grateful to be able to run. That his legs move, that he is breathing, and his heart is pumping. 
It’s a honour to be able to feel all the small things that go along with getting older. 

Funny way to start a birthday post for the love of my life, but one of the things I adore about Rob is his gratitude for being alive, and his ability to live in the present.

So turning 46 is a privilege! (And don’t worry, I know he is still young and there’s lots more to come. But what an honour to be able to wake up every day to create whatever day you want).

As my kids get older (and my nieces and nephews, and friends’ children) I look at them experiencing the joys of falling in love, the heartbreak of breaking up, and all the in between. As they explore who they are, and strive to find their place in the world, as well as the perfect companion, I am filled with excitement (and worry for them). So many adventures lie ahead of them! 

I feel so so blessed to be married to this birthday boy who is the perfect match for me. We are perfectly imperfect together. He is perfectly imperfect on his own.

I sent my niece a text a couple of weeks ago (she has been dating a boy who seems really awesome and I have been drilling her with questions) and told her that to this day, I can spot Rob in a crowd of people across the room and think, “wow,  he is mine” and he’s still my favourite person to be with. 

There’s no one I’d rather share my dreams with, parent with, laugh with, plan with, travel with, debate with,clean with, work with, binge watch Netflix with, eat sushi with, walk with, converse, explore with, serve with, pray with, and certainly grow old with.

I can not think of a better father and stepfather. There is no difference to him; which makes him the perfect father of our family. His wisdom and concern is always   there. As is his ability to to have fun and share in their lives. He is always sacrificing and doing things for them with pleasure. 

He is truly a joy to be around and you feel a little bit wiser after spending time with him.

We are so blessed to call this guy husband, Dad, and Rob.

Happy Birthday Robbie! Enjoy your special day (or days since we have to squeeze in celebrations around the kids’ exam and sports’ schedules!! Another testament to what a guy you are….)

A few snaps of the celebration: 

Cake number 1 on the actual day: 


It had rained so our picnic plan was ruined; front porch it was!

The boys always try to blow candles from afar! 

Zandra and I made the famous oatmeal cake and it was delicious!

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