Josh’s Grade 8 Graduation

Can it be that yet another child of mine is done middle school?

In our area, we have a grade 6 graduation, then a grade 8 graduation, then a high school graduation (which sadly is the worst one of them all as they do it in the fall AFTER they have really graduated when most people are already well on their way in the first semester of university! And most are even away at school, so don’t travel back!).

Tomorrow night we have our last grade 6 graduation for Sam, and tonight was Josh’s grade 8 graduation.

He was more happy to pose for all the photos:

And happier when they had to include me (and we had to keep retaking them to try to get an good angle of me…ahh the things we have to endure as we get older!)

It’s a bit easier with Rob:

Off to the ceremony we went, where we sat through the 10 graduating classes getting their certificates. And you guessed it, he was in class 10!

I missed the next part where he went to pat the large round bouquet of roses, which then toppled over… As my neighbour and friend who was there said, “I think he thought it was a soccer ball so he reached out to it!” Oops…

We tried to get a few pics outside with him after the ceremony, but he was dying to get with his friends:

I ended up missing all the group shots though:( So had to just take ones of him hanging out with his friends (as there was no way he was going to get everyone to pose again!)

This next one was one of my faves:

He calmly came over, gave me a big hug and then very politely, but seriously and firmly, told me I had to stop taking pictures and I had to leave!!

He headed out with his friends; I thought about following them a bit to take more pics…haha (just kidding)

How did Baby Josh get to be this awesome young man?

Love him more than he will ever know!

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