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What would you do if you were not afraid?”

(I am so insanely behind with our quote of the weeks! I look at what is up in my kitchen and both I have not written about!! (I keep 2 weeks up at a time). I will play a little catch up now, although the next few weeks are super hectic, so I think the next time we have a family night and I introduce the new quote with be in August — but BOTH Gabe and Zach will be back to have it with us!!! )

 Recently, I have been reading the book “Option B” by Sheryl Sandberg.

I am only about halfway through it, but honestly, it’s one of the most amazing books I have read. I look forward to a little time off the first week of August so I can devour it. Although for me, it’s a “stop and think” kind of book, so I don’t want to rush it! 

I started reading it, because I knew it would be a helpful read for many of my clients that are dealing with finding their “Option B’s”  in life. I thought it would help give me some perspective, some empathy and something to share with them.

It is an extremely powerful book. Not only have I learned things that I can use with my clients, but I am learning so much that I can apply personally in my life.

Because the reality is, in life we all at some point have to go with Option B. Probably multiple times.

In one chapter, she talks about fear, and how fear can prevent us from moving on, facing challenges, doing new things, engaging in a project, speaking up, showing up, investing in a relationship, chasing that dream, writing that book, running that race, embarking on that adventure, singing that song, asking that question etc. 

You get the point. We can be driven away from doing things simply out of fear. Of course we can justify that it’s not out of fear (“I changed my mind”, “I think I’m better off not doing it”), but so often it is! 

So she asks the question, “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”

That really resonated with me because often times I think we make choices based on fear rather than faith.   Asking ourselves what we could do if we weren’t afraid, can sometimes open up new avenues of opportunities.

Perhaps if we remove fear then we would be more willing to stick our neck out and try something new; learn a new skill, do something different, talk to someone new, write a book, give a presentation, travel to a new place. The options could be endless!

I do tell my kids that sometimes fear is positive. They should be scared of certain things. That is what will protect them from doing some dangerous, stupid things. But more often than not we are fearful of things that we really don’t need to be afraid of.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Something for me to really stop and honestly ponder. 

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