Meanwhile, back in Ecuador 


The only contact you get with your child while they are gone is to follow along on the HEFY Instagram account and wait for pictures to post.

Which I did.


Haha. Just kidding. 

(Not really).

You are also supposed to get an email from them mid trip too. They even posted on Instagram “parents, check your email tonight” one night. Which I did.


Just kidding. 

(More like every 30 seconds.)

But, nothing. Nada. Zilch.

That boy has some explainin’ to do, since it’s a long time (18 days!) to not hear a peep.  I’m guessing technical issues were to blame (and they better be real good… Zach… if you are reading this is the LA airport, you better have texted me a dozen times already with your superb excuse).

Anyhow, we did know he was alive and well based on these pics. Here’s what we got (following the first two I already posted; I’ve just included screen shots so the caption can be included too!) 

See that ^^^ check your emails tonight???

This was actually a super cute video. So I was able to see he truly was alive. Lol.

It’s always a “Where’s Waldo/Zach” game for us! Can you spot him?

^^^Ahhh, so they did work?! Or as Josh said, “They are posing as if they worked”…

^^^ Love this!!! That is what service is all about! 

^^^ Hmmmm, Zach looks like he needs his mama to give him a nudge to pay more attention in the devotional.

That’s ok because we get to see him in less than 24 hours!!! Woot woot!!!

I am so grateful that he had this incredible opportunity. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped him achieve the goal to go! I know – even before talking to him – that it will forever be an experience etched in his heart and soul. 

Countdown is on to see that boy!! Can’t wait to hear all about his trip in detail! 

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