Monthly Snaps Part One 

I love that my iPhone is overflowing with pics right now; so much so that I will divide this post in two, and create some individual posts too. These are basically from mid June to end of July. 

Let’s take a look: 

I finally made Grammie’s famous oatmeal cake and it was so good. Grammie used to make us this cake whenever she saw us and it’s a family fave. (Recipe is here):

During exams, a quick snooze:These two studied like crazy (and had great success):Sam was a trooper to sing for Father’s  Day with the primary kids one last time:Reggie watching our family home evening :Totally how I feel: Our Honda turned 300000km!!! And that’s mostly me driving over the last 9 years. I’ll say Rob maybe gets 50k from it because of vacations, but it’s mainly me. I don’t even want to think of the hours this took!!:This is how it’s done boys: Meanwhile, back in Idaho, Gabe was having a little bit of fun: Josh set out to read, then quickly fell asleep:The boys had a blast a YM/service camp. This area in our house can get so congested leaving and coming home, but one day I know I will miss it!!:My beautiful niece Abby left to serve a mission for 18 months. Super proud of her for sacrificing this time to serve the people in Vancouver, Washington. Also super proud of my brother and sister in law to give her up for a short time so she can serve and love  those people she meets:Always have to include Reggie: Zach had to take a concoction before his Ecuador trip:Sometimes they are tired at church and you have to go find them:Zach’ soccerteam: Day after his 16th Birthday, Zach went and passed the test for his driving learners permit!:Sam turned 12 and moved from primary to the YM, and got the Aaronic Priesthood:We celebrated a special friend’s bday: Zach prepping for Ecuador:Walk to Dairy Queen (night before Zach left). It’s a common summer family night treat:A reminder of some of the vows we made to the kids on our wedding. Sent it to Zach as he was leaving for Ecuador. I have a feeling this will be sent to all our kids multiple times throughout their lives as they chase their dreams:Gabe had a great time in Colorado with his girlfriend, meeting her fam: Need to appreciate our beautiful city and sunsets:Went out on a smom/sdaughter date with good friends (missed taking a pic of my friend and me — next time!!)  to see a musical play in by BYU-I. We grabbed dinner first: Rob spent a week in Edmonton when Zach was away too. So Josh and I spent some fun time together. We went for wings one night, and fish and chips the other. Loved having time with this growing boy!:And we snuggled with Reggie too: That about raps up July… stay tuned for August because there’s good times ahead…


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