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I always get so behind on these! We are at least  still doing our quotes during our weekly FHE and have them up in our kitchen. But I still like to capture them here as it’s “permanent”.

Here are a few over the past few weeks. I wish I kept better track of where these quotes are from. Sometimes I just hear them and so I don’t know the exact source; some I heard at YLC, some on random podcasts. All are pretty good (I think)

If you don’t make the decision in time, time will make the decision for you” (random podcast)

Reminds me of the idea that there is no such thing as standing still: you are either going forward or backward.


Part of the tragedy you must avoid is to discover too late that you missed an opportunity to prepare for a future only God could see for you (Pres. Henry B. Eyring used in the BYU speech “Women and Education: “A Future Only God Could See for You”, Eva Witesman)

Loved this talk. Love this concept. We don’t know what our future holds! We need to seize every opportunity that we have now. We need to educate ourselves and prepare ourselves as best we can. No, we can not know everything or anticipate everything, but we can do a lot so that when we bump into luck or trial, we will be as prepared as we can be. If we do it prayerfully, even better:)


Inspired questions get inspired answers”  (as recorded by Zach at YLC)

Love this concept too. The quality of the answers usually depends on the quality of the questions. You can ask questions through very different lenses, and the answers you get are usually a reflection of that same lense. Go figure. Zach and I were discussing this a few weeks ago, about how you really choose if you want to believe things or not. You really choose the perspective you can take. You can choose to see things through an eye of optimism or pessimism. The glass is really half empty – or half full. Depends on what perspective you choose to take.


…But that future, at least any qualitative aspect of it, must be vigorously fought for. It won’t “just happen” to your advantage. Someone said once that the future is waiting to be seized, and if we do not grasp it firmly, then other hands, more determined and bloody than our own, will wrench it from us and follow a different course.” (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland”)

This one gave me chills when I first read it. Those “bloody hands” create quite an image in my mind. But as I am raising my spirited teens, I can’t emphasize this point enough to them. Their future is theirs to grab!! Go grab it!! Get off the couch! Get off your phones:)) Seize the opportunities that are literally pouring out to you!


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” Viktor Frankl

If you haven’t read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” about his time in a concentration camp, then you simply must. It’s not a long book, but it certainly is not a light read. One of my client’s is reading it so I have had the opportunity to revisit it with him. Very powerful. It’s not about our circumstances. It’s about us.


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