Monthly Snaps of Life 

Here’s a peek of the past little while:

Talks at church:

A few more drivers in training:

Rob had a work function where we got to go see the Blue Jays play (in a swanky box at the Roger’s Centre!):

Josh’s soccer team did a big fundraiser dinner:

All the players had to dance with their Mom’s:

First temple trip for Sam and Zandra:
Soccer party for Zach’s team (and a selfie of some of the Moms):

Church dance! Zach brought two friends, including a French exchange student staying with his buddy. Zandra also brought her friend:

Sam and I went for a bike ride:

We lost the power one night but someone was still studying:

General conference:

We did our traditional 5K BIST run. Zach had his buddy run with him, as well as another “friend” support the team and and hang out with Josh:

Reggie chillin:

This popped up on my Facebook feed. 10 years!!

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