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“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”

Last week I headed to Montreal to be with my mom as she was having hip surgery.

It was a long few days being in the hospital, but I was happy to be there to support her. She had lots of visitors and kind people stopping by dropping off treats, food for my sister and me, and just bringing words of encouragement. I won’t put up any pics:) But needless to say, she is very blessed to have so many good friends!

While in Montreal I got to spend a bit of time with the couple of friends that are still in Montreal. Not very many left! My one beautiful friend made sure to stop by to bring my Mom and sis some food, and then we headed out to catch up and enjoyed some yummy food at an indian restaurant.

I also had the chance to see one of my old grad school pals. We spent hours and hours and hours together while at McGill not only studying, but sharing our lives together. I last saw her 9.5 years ago when Rob and I got married and she was pregnant with baby number 2! We have touched based here and there over the years, but this was the fist time we were able to sit down and catch up! It was so amazing.

I have been truly blessed in my life to have some amazing girlfriends. Although as life has its’ ups and downs, and we go through different phases, I find there are many periods that we go without speaking or seeing each other, and yet, when we reunite, it’s like old times.

That’s how it was with this gal. 

We talked and talked and laughed and both of us left feeling like it was old times. Except relieved that there is no exam tomorrow! She sent me the friend quote a couple of days ago and I couldn’t agree more.

So appreciative of wonderful friends!


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  1. A heart full of gratitude to my amazing daughter Leah for coming to be with me during my surgery and thereafter showering me with treats, love and much more. And to my other amazing daughter Sarah who was and is beside me now walking and helping me through the road back to recovery. So so blessed for my two daughters and for my son who is coming this coming week to also help me get back on my feet. A heart overflowing for my children.

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