Recipe: Turkey Burgers

Some recipes I just have in my head. Either I read a recipe for them ages ago and don’t know where I got it from, or sometimes I try things out. Often I will eat something at a restaurant and then try to recreate it.

One of my fave burgers is from Hero: their fiesta turkey burger. It’s pretty simple to replicate:

Ground turkey
Poultry seasoning
Grated apple (I use Granny Smith, it helps keep it moist. Depending on how much meat you have, I often put in about 1/2 apple – no peel)
Chopped onion (we have some picky eaters who don’t like the onions bits, so sometimes I also grate a bit of onion in it)
1 egg, lightly beaten.

Mix all together. Form patties and cook on grill pan or BBQ.

For a sauce, I mix together mayo (or non fat greek yogurt works well) and cranberry sauce (I use jellied cranberry to keep the consistency smooth.) Spread on bun.

I also get the French’s crispy onions and heat them up a bit to serve on top of the burger. Alternatively, you can salute some red onions for topping as they are yummy too.

You can serve with or without swiss cheese on a nice crusty bun.

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