It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…. 

Last weekend we headed out to get our Christmas tree, wearing the Santa hats and taking our usual wagon (only thing we really keep the wagon for!) 

Reggie got a little ride: 

I lay all the decorations out in piles (they each have their own pile of ornaments they have been given over the years and they put up their own.) This year we put Gabe’s up for him since he’s not home until the 21st. 

Our quote wall goes up of all the quotes we’ve done over the year:Zach got a Christmas sweater this year! Reggie Love! He’s always beside me when I’m baking or cooking:Quiet Elfie arrived, with a whole bunch of new accessories and clothing! 

We went to the Christmas market but were sad to see the night we went all the stalls were closed! The lights were still pretty:

Rob and I went to our annual Christmas concert. It was beautiful as usual:

Reggie loves napping under or near the tree!And the baking begins….

A nice start to the Christmas season! 


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….  — 1 Comment

  1. What more can I say but to say that I love all of you, love what you do and what you are, love your Christmas traditions, love REGGIE, love your ‘quote wall’ and also love to always hear of your activities, now and throughout the year. I will miss you all more than you will ever know, but thank heavens for texts, facetime, phone calls, emails. LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH, too!!

    With all my love, Gran xoxo

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