One of things I enjoyed doing while in the Outerbanks, was work on my art journal, that I started way back here, read and prepare some good quotes for our kitchen quote (and quote of the week here), and read some poetry.

I sometimes struggle with a bit of insomnia. While researching and learning more about insomnia with one of my clients, I have learned if you can’t sleep, then get up and do something for a while and then try going back to sleep. So, that is what I did.

One early morning, I started looking around Pinterest for some great poems (I find it such a good forum to get me lost in so many great things).

I can’t explain poetry.

Robert Frost said, ” A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”

I was always drawn to it in high school. Not the complicated, “I don’t know what it is saying” kind of poetry, but some stuff really spoke to me. I even kept a poetry binder. (Wish I knew what happened to it).

I love the simple verse:

“We were together.

I forgot the rest.”

Walt Whitman


“If I had a flower 

for every time I thought

of you, I could walk

in my garden forever”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

I love the longer ones too (more to come not that though).

So as I read,  I could feel my eyes get heavier, until I finally put down my phone and drifted off to sleep again. What was amazing was how the words still swirled in my head while I entered that slumber state. Just goes to show that what you feed your brain gets analyzed and processed while we drift off to sleep; hence the importance of choosing carefully what we feed our brains.

In that sleepy state, my mind also comes up with some good ideas. I like to think that I’m receiving inspiration during these sleepy moments. I decided to write my kids a note (as I often do — but haven’t done so in a while). I would include, on one side, all the things I love about them or what I think of when I think of them. On the other side, I would choose a poem that I think is for them.

Hopefully, one day, they will gain the same appreciation for their poem that I have:)

Stay tuned to hear what I chose for each of them….


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